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A Quick Update regarding Hello Mobile Empty A Quick Update regarding Hello Mobile

Sun Aug 23, 2020 12:32 am
While we have Hello Mobile listed as an MVNO of T-Mobile CDMA (formerly known as Sprint) due to them being listed as such on Wikipeida, we do have to admit that Best MVNO had them listed as both Sprint and T-Mobile.

Per Best MVNO, Hello Mobile seemed to have had a primary contract with Sprint - so anyone accessing their site in an area that had Sprint coverage would be given Sprint devices and a Sprint IMEI checker. However, they also had a backup contract with T-Mobile, so if a customer went to the site in an area without Sprint coverage, but with T-Mobile coverage, they were given T-Mobile devices and IMEI checker.

The same goes for the coverage page.

It appears on both sites, the plans were the same or nearly the same, so customers were completely unaware that they were being given a slightly different experience depending on their location when accessing Hello Mobile's website.

However, we now have to make an update:
After the merger with T-Mobile and Sprint had been completed and the Sprint brand was closed down, the IMEI checker now accepts both Sprint and T-Mobile IMEI's on all aspects of their site. They also updated the Reset Network setting page to reflect this change, noting T-Mobile directly on that page.

While users in Sprint coverage areas are still being shown Sprint devices and coverage map, they can now opt to bring their own T-Mobile device and it will work.

We just did this for someone in Seattle, and got their old T-Mobile phone working on Hello Mobile. Hello even sent an unbranded T-Mobile GSM sim card.

We hope that soon the site may begin to merge itself so that all customers will be shown T-Mobile devices and coverage map since we can now confirm they already had both contracts in place. This also means there may not be many changes in the plan offerings of Hello Mobile. (Though there was already one change, which was an increase in data plans for super low rates. ie: 4 GB LTE data for $15.)
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