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MVNO's and the Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Empty MVNO's and the Sprint/T-Mobile Merger

Mon Feb 10, 2020 11:49 pm
While word is getting out that the last hurdle for the Sprint/T-Mobile Merger is about to be cleared.
The judge overseeing the lawsuit to block the merger is likely to rule in favor of allowing it to happen.

This will allow Sprint to become part of the New T-Mobile.

So we got to thinking, since Sprint did a lot of wholesale agreements with Independent MVNO's, what will this merger mean for the MVNO's that uses Sprint's network.

We already know that Boost Mobile will become part of Dish, but as for the rest, we just have no idea what will happen.\

We did contact several Independent Sprint Only MVNO's and asked what this could mean to their customers.
We also contacted T-Mobile Directly to ask them similar questions for their plans for these MVNO's.
We plan on updating this as we get more information and replies from the MVNO's.

Update 2-10-2020

Tello has sent us the following reply:
The Tello service will not be adversely affected by any upcoming merger between Sprint & T-Mobile.
Even if a merger goes through, the migration would expect to take some years to complete.

In the longer term, we only expect positive changes to result for our customers as regards service and pricing.

We'll keep you updated in case there are any updates that might affect you or your service.

Update 2/11/2020

Community Phone sent us the following reply:
I'm going to CC my boss James. He will know more about the merger than myself.
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