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Updates Regarding Hello Mobile and the new SIMs Empty Updates Regarding Hello Mobile and the new SIMs

Sun Apr 11, 2021 12:56 pm
So I just finished another chat with a CSR regarding the the new SIMs.

According to them, the migration of your number should happen automatically once the system has seen any use on the new SIMs, so it's best to put all the SIM's in a device and at least try to call the activation line at least once. (Put some usage onto the SIM, data will work even if calls do not, so run some data too - like a speed test.) They also said they cannot manually move the numbers to the new SIM, the process is completely automated.

For those with multiple lines. Pull the SIMs from the package while taking notes.

Note which SIM came from which tracking number, if you have access to the tracking numbers from your Lines page on your account online - use that to determine which SIM goes to which phone number. (If you have small baggies, might want to write the phones numbers onto a baggie and put the corresponding SIM into that to help keep track.)

Note, according to them the activation process will take 24 business hours AFTER you received your SIMs, so if you receive the SIM's Friday-Sunday, the process won't start until Tuesday the following week. Until then, current SIMs should continue to work.

Also, ignore all the number port requests, those are temporary numbers on a zero balance "holding" account. (Phone calls should direct you to the HM Payment line for "account past due" on those numbers.)

Make sure you start this process with the FIRST line as it is listed on your account online. (This line will connect to the activation system for the first call at the very least, even if you get "past due balance" for any calls thereafter.)

So, here's what you should do when you receive the SIMs:

1. Take note of the tracking numbers before opening and compare to Tracking on the Lines page on your online account. (To determine which SIM is for which line.)

2. Grab some small baggies and write phone numbers on them. (Or write the phone numbers onto a piece of paper corresponding to each Tracking Number. You could also put the small baggie with the SIM inside it back inside the envelope with the tracking number.)

3. Remove each SIM card and place into correct baggie. (Or write the SIM card number - or last 8 digits of SIM next to the corresponding phone number based on the tracking number.)

4. Insert each SIM card into a phone (since they all should come with an adapter kit, sizing shouldn't matter too much if using a different phone than the one intended.)

5. Follow Steps 2 and 3 on the SIM kit to "activate" the SIM. Complete with calling the 877 activation line.

6. If all works and it lets you transfer your existing number, put the SIM into the correct phone if it is already not in the correct line.

7. Run a speed test or load a web page with wifi turned off. (Using cellular data)

8. If calling the activation line fails for any reason (including the "past due" message) remove the SIM and store in in those baggies for each respective line. (or somewhere safe) and keep your notes safe too. (Can keep the SIMs in these baggies when not following these steps.)

9. If you need to remove the SIM, go back to your old SIM and wait at least 24 business hours.

10. If waiting, try again in 24 business hours. (Business hours are Monday-Friday)

11. If you repeat the steps on a weekday and it fails a second or third time, you may then be safe to return to using the old SIMs and waiting until the system transfers the number over and cuts service to the old SIMs. (I'd opt for trying 3 times and following all steps, including the data usage step to make sure the system catches the SIM being used before going back to old SIMs and waiting for service to be cut off.)

While I am suggesting in the steps to wait till they cut off your old SIMs, I would still attempt this process at least once a week while waiting. Though here's to hoping you are not sitting on the new SIMs like this for longer than a week.
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