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    Rules for Posting Speed Test Results


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    Rules for Posting Speed Test Results Empty Rules for Posting Speed Test Results

    Post by Admin on Thu Sep 10, 2020 7:50 pm

    Please follow these Rules and Guides when posting Speed Test Results.

    Only post Speed Test results from the wireless provider's network.
    Do not post Speed Test results while connected to Wi-Fi.

    Please Title each Speed Test with:

    • Name of Carrier being tested (AT&T / Dish / T-Mobile / Verizon, ect.)
    • City, State of the Test
    • Date/Time of Test

    Please provide the following in your post:

    • Full Screenshot showing speed test results (Can be from any app)
    • Your general area (Nearby Landmark, Business, Cross Streets or Neighborhood within the City, State) - Unless you'd rather provide specific area/GPS.
    • Was this Inside a House/Apartment, In a business/bldg, inside a car, or outside?
    • The device make/model used for the test

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